Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bella's paddleball skills

Check out Bella showing off her extreme paddleball ability.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy V-day!

Time to catch up on some pics and updates...

Last weekend, Bella got to go to a birthday party for one of her buddies in her daycare, Chip. They had it at one of those Pump It Up places, where kids run around in those bouncy things for an hour and wear themselves out for the parents. It's what we call a win-win situation.

Bella was happiest being the moon bounce type room the whole time, she wasn't too concerned with going on the slide, but she did get a few slides in before we went home.

They of course then had cake, and Bella got to sit near one of her "boyfriends," Frankie, during that. As you can see by the pics, Bella took her sweet time finishing her cake, and was pretty much the last one in the room still eating it, so that was pretty amusing.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

It Finally Happened...

Believe it or not, I've finally done it, I finally bought a new car! Yes, after people have been hearing me talk about it for a good solid 2 years at least, I figured that was enough of a build-up to the big event.

Last Thursday, I finally went and bought a new 2009 Toyota Prius. Those I talk with alot know that I've been looking to get one of these for ages, and finally the stars all aligned properly, and hell is probably freezing over as we speak, so plan accordingly.

It all worked out in my favor rather well. Up until a month or two ago, it was impossible to find a Prius anywhere in stock around Chicago, since people were still freaking out about the gas prices and the novelty of the car, so I would have had to put down a deposit and wait six months to get one then.

One of the dealers near me suddenly had 8 of them in stock recently, blame both the bad economy and the much lower gas prices, it all turned into good news for me.

Bella loves the car, she just calls it the Blue car right now. It's got plenty of fun distractions, like a screen that constantly shows our fuel consumption and power usage moment by moment, and that sort of thing.

I'm very, very happy about it now, it's been worth the wait. And by the way, anyone in the market for a 1997 Chevy Cavalier, you now know who to talk to.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm a Very Sad Panda...

Because of this news article...

As I wrote before, I was greatly looking forward to this festival, and already had our flights booked and everything. Crap.

There goes Bella's first festival, and first chance to see Death Cab for Cutie, for this year.