Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Finally Done!

It took 2 years, but I finally finished my classwork for my Associates' degree in Engineering. At least I think I'm all done, assuming all the prerequisites are covered as they should be and all that fun stuff.

I join the massive ranks of those out there who have degrees in both English and Engineering. I know, we're a dime a dozen nowadays.

I may continue on and actually try to get a Bachelors degree in Engineering as well, we'll see. My school, Harper College, works through Northern Illinois University for this program, so alot of classes would be covered, but I'd have a lot more work to do. We'll see how motivated I end up staying on that front when the time comes.

I think Bella's going to be completely thrown off having her dad home every single night from no on, I don't know if she's going to know what to do with herself. I'm sure she'll figure it out though.

The other good news for us is that somehow Bella finished potty training for the most part already. She was fighting us on doing the #2 business in there for a long time, but somehow a switch just seemed to go off, and she was fine with it and has done it there ever since. That's made our lives much much easier lately, as any parent will know. Of course it sometimes means 3 or 4 bathroom breaks during dinners out, but we'll live with that.

Lots of plans ahead in the upcoming weeks, we are more than ready for the summer ahead!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Bella at Great America 2009

Last Sunday, we were able to dodge some major thunderstorms and got some quality time at Great America, which my wife's company had only to themselves for the day.

We only got about 4 hours there, since the storms lasted til about 1 and the park closed at 5. Bella took full advantage of the time, she went on as many kid rides as she could, all by herself, and went on one of the big rides with us too. She would have gone on the Viper with me, but she's unfortunately 9 inches too short at the moment. So in other words, by this time next year, I'm sure she'll be getting on.

I was also extremely proud because the day before, we decided to show Bella some Looney Tunes cartoons to see how she'd like them. She absolutely LOVED them, and kept asking to see more of them, and was laughing her head off the whole time. She definitely loved Bugs Bunny too, so we timed it well before she saw him at the park the next day.

Lots going on in the month ahead, so enjoy these pics in the mean time.