Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bella's Birthday Cake Part 3

Still catching up on the pictures, sorry folks...

The Saturday after Bella's actual birthday, my sister and her family came up to visit Bella and have some quality cousin play time. Bella loved it, of course, especially the Hullabaloo game they gave her that they spent a good solid hour playing (note to any other parents out there: this game is worth its weight in gold!).

The weather was pretty nice that day, so we were able to go out to the big park by our house and let the girls go nuts there for a while. Bella's very anxious for the weather to warm up so she can have her mommy and daddy spend hours pushing her on the swings. Ah, can't wait for spring.

Lastly, the shirt Bella is wearing is a classic I found at Target right before Bella's birthday. It's hard to read on the picture, but it says:
Reasons why you might confuse me with a Rock Star:
1. I can scream really loud
2. When I don't get my way, I throw a temper tantrum
3. I'm up all night
4. You can't completely understand what I'm saying
5. No one else can pull off this hairdo.

I swear that neither Michele or I had anything to do with the creation of this shirt...

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