Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lollapalooza 2009 - Last Thoughts

Here are some odds and ends from the weekend that was:

Biggest Balls Call #3 - The Gaslight Anthem, choosing to play their two hits to date, "The '59 Sound" and "Great Expectations" mid-set, instead of closing with them like most other bands would.

Biggest Balls Call #2 - The Yeah Yeah Yeahs opening with one of the quietest songs, "Runaway," off their new album, instead of trying to grab the crowd with a big loud number. Pretty brave for a band who people were questioning whether they should be headlining.

Biggest Balls Call #1 - Band Of Horses, stuck starting their set 20 minutes due to Lou Reed dragging on too long, decide to keep going with their set while headliners Jane's Addiction (with Lolla mastermind Perry Farrell at the lead) began their set right across the field. Not just that, but BoH continued to play for at least 15 minutes at the same time as Jane's.

Funniest Moment of the Weekend - Being stuck behind a young half naked couple making out like they're on the Titanic and it's going down, during the incredibly romantic cover of N.W.A.'s "Bitches Ain't Shit" during Ben Folds set ("Bitches ain't shit but ho's and tricks/Lick on these nuts and suck the dick"). Glad to know romance is still alive in the next generation.

Strangest Sight of the Weekend - Seeing Ronny "Woo Woo" walking around the BMI stage during Band of Skulls' early set (it's a Chicago thing people)

Time of First Beastie Boys Cover - 8:45 on Saturday, as Nick Zinner from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs throws in a snippet of the guitar line from "So What'cha Want?" during "Phenomena"

Best Seemingly Incredibly Short Set - TV on the Radio, whose hour long set seemed to pass somehow in only 15 minutes

Worst Unintentionally Short Set (not their fault) - Hockey, who were first up on the Playstation stage on Friday, and due to power problems, barely got two songs out before their time was up

Worsth Intentionally Long Set - LOU REED.

If I Had a Dime - For every Tool shirt on Saturday, I could have easilly paid for my $170 weekend pass.

Worst Potential Sunburn in Process Competition - Ida Maria vs. Los Campesinos! It was the fair skinned girl from Norway vs. the fair skinned lads from Wales in a competition to see who would be a roasted red by the end of their set. The winner: The leader singer from Los Campesinos!, who was a nice cherry tomato red by the end of his hour. His reward, a great bit bottle of aloe.

Medal of Honor - Goes to guitarist Randy Randall of No Age, who played through his entire set after dislocating his shoulder the night before.

Number of Times I Was Offered Shrooms or Weed - Once, during Animal Collective's lousy set. Guess they would have helped.

Greatest Wind EVER - The one that suddenly ripped through the crowd in the middle of Passion Pit's closer "The Reeling"

Strangest New Trend I'm Apparently Too Old to Understand - A bunch of kids (okay probably 17-18 year olds) snuck in a big gallon sized bag with a tap on the side of it that must have been filled with Kool-Aid I'm sure. Before anyone could drink out of it, they had to slap the side of it to make the sound like slapping someone's ass. We didn't understand it, but Brian and I plan on drinking like this anywhere and everywhere we go from now on.

Best Surprise Drum Solo - The one done by Bon Iver's drummer during "Wolves" which on record sounds like a roomful of drums being set off by a floor filled with mousetraps going off, was recreated amazingly well by only one guy live

Best Potentially Annoying Audience Member - The "Lollapop" guy in the front at the Ida Maria set, who I've seen in past years, mainly because he brings two huge spray bottles filled with cold water and showers the audience as much as possible just for the fun of it.

Best Seemingly Sincere Compliment By a Band - The Constantines singer, in the middle of tuning his guitar, stops while hearing Living Things roaring on the main stage, and says "Who is that? They're pretty good!"

Worst Compliment By a Band That Really Doesn't Seem Sincere - Almost every single band who said that the crowd was the greatest one ever.

Most Unnecessary Near-Encore - "Poet" Thax Douglas, standing practically on stage during Bon Iver's set after reading one of his "poems" at the start, looking like he was more than ready to read a second one

Best Impersonation of What Their Photos Would Look Like the Next Day - Kings of Leon, who barely moved throughout their set, so much that the photos I saw of the band were practically videos of their performance

Band MVP #3 - Silversun Pickups drummer Christopher Guanlao, whose fantastic playing and flailing arms and hair make for a great visual centerpiece for the band

Band MVP #2 - The lead singer of Friendly Fires, who madly danced and flailed around in the scorching midday sun like he was in a dark nightclub

Band MVP #1 - The piano/backup vocal/extra drum player in Manchester Orchestra, who when he wasn't adding to the band's sound, was playing the greatest set of air drums I've seen in some time

Lastly, Siblings I'll Most Likely Be Seeing Play at Lollapalooza 2017 - This set of kids we saw taking a rest in the middle of Sunday

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