Monday, August 18, 2008

Vacation Week Pt 2

We originally planned on making an 11 hour trek from Chicago to Harrisburg, PA, on Tuesday of last week, but luckily we came to our senses and decided to leave on Monday night instead and got a few hours' head start. We made it to the Toledo, OH, area before Bella started majorly crabbing. Can't blame the girl, it was a pretty long day for us all.

We made the 7 hour drive from Toledo to Harrisburg the next day as planned. Of course it ended up being a few hours longer than hoped for, since a few pit stops along the way were required, but it wasn't terrible. All I know now is that Pennsylvania is ONE FRACKING LONG STATE!! Holy god....

We got to Harrisburg at a pretty decent time and rested up in a hotel, and found a mall nearby and grabbed some dinner. For some reason, Bella had a tummy ache, and that worried us that it was a bad start to the trip, but she thankfully got over it during dinner and managed to eat a good chunk of the first of about 15 mac and cheese dishes she had during our trip.

We did do a little driving around downtown Harrisburg just to say that we saw it, but we were more concerned with resting up for the next day, since that was when the real fun was going to start.

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