Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Vacation Week Pt 4

For our last day of relaxing on our trip, we headed to the Jersey shore to Michele's Aunt Joanie's house, for Bella to spend some quality time with the Cooney relatives, and more time with Carolina and Augie.

Bella again missed her nap that day, so she was a bit of a crank at some points, but overall she had a lot of fun, and got to introduce the family to her favorite movie in the world, Ratatouille. Good times all around.

After spending the night at Joanie's, we packed everything up and headed towards home. We made a long long drive from New Jersey to Cleveland the first day, then headed straight home the day after that. Loads and loads of driving, but lots of fun overall.

And of course, I thought I'd end things off with another photo of the infamous Jersey Shore Crab.

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