Monday, December 29, 2008

Lots of Pictures to Catch Up On

I'll be having a photo bonanza over the next few days to catch up on alot of the pics we've taken over the holidays. We've pretty much had 4 christmases at this point, the first with my friends from the high school years (yes, the people that actually knew me when I had short hair that somehow became an afro), then with my sister's family, then the real christmas with just us and Bella, and lastly with a bunch of friends from Michele's work.

First up are our shots from our family christmas with my sister's family and our mom. Bella was very psyched to spend most of the day with her cousins Jenna and Megan, including a planned sleepover (which basically meant trying to get Bella and Megan to actually fall asleep in the same room).

The girls had a lot of fun, and Bella actually did a decent job of sharing her toys and everything. They were of course all very psyched to open presents, when they weren't begging to play the Wii that is.

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