Thursday, January 1, 2009

Our First Highlight of 2009

Happy New Year everyone...

We had a pretty mild New Year's Eve, just stayed at home and let Bella stay up late, then watched the tv coverage of the ONE major network covering it in Chicago of the clocks hitting midnight in the east coast and Chicago. I guess the networks really need to throw all that money into more crappy reality shows or something instead. Momma's Boys anyone?

Anyways, we woke up this morning, and after a few Caillou episodes, we headed off to have brunch at one of our favorite restaurants, Mon Ami Gabi. Our main reason for going was if you had the brunch in your pajamas, you would get a gift certificate worth the value of your brunch towards a future meal. Since we usually end up there at one of our big annual events, we figured this was definitely worth the trip, let alone the entertainment value of having a brunch in a nice restaurant while wearing our pajamas.

Bella, being the ham that she is, got plenty of laughs and "awwws" during the brunch. She managed to chow down the majority of a big waffle, two mini donuts, and half of my fries. What a girl.

To top things off, we decided to walk around Ikea on the way home, still with the three of us in our pajamas. We definitely got quite a few looks and comments, that was worth the trip just for that.

A pretty good start to 2009 all around...

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