Thursday, January 3, 2008

Our Christmas and New Years

As you could probably guess, we had a pretty great time this Christmas and New Years. Bella of course made off like a bandit, she mostly got lots of books, enough now to start her own library pretty much. You can see Michele's blog for the list of all the amazing things she's done lately, we have to mention that she does lots and lots of dancing lately, and even tries singing along to all sorts of songs now. For your viewing pleasure (and to see how well the video posts work on this page), here's Isabella doing a duet of "Jingle Bells" with Elmo. Enjoy

We got to spend Christmas day with my mom, and Bella had loads of fun showing Grandma all of her toys and having a big dinner with us. Grandma G then flew into town the next day, and Bella got to spend lots of quality time catching up with Grandma. She wowed her with her A, B, C's and counting ability pretty quickly. We all went to Brookfield Zoo one night too for their holiday light show, which was a lot of fun, although a bit on the cold side.

We luckily planned on staying home and taking it easy this New Years, which turned out to be a really great decision, since we ended up getting at least 4 inches of snow that night. Bella used to be hesitant about playing in the snow (even though she absolutely loves snowmen), but in the last week she's become a fan of it.

Of course her favorite thing is throwing snowballs at Daddy. What a girl.

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