Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Welcome to MookieDaddy v2.0

Hello all,

As promised a few months back, MookieDaddy info headquarters is being relocated here to, home to such bastions of information as Chatchi's blog and my sister and brother-in-law's website, which will now have the inenviable task of handling the massive amount of internet traffic heading to read my blog. Good luck folks.

I'll be customizing the page over the next couple of weeks, so hold your complaints off for a bit, I know you'll have a few. I won't be updating the Yahoo page anymore, it was pretty limited in functionality, and I couldn't even get the font sizes to work by the end. Oh well.

Just to make your internet surfing lives even more difficult, we're moving our photos web page from our Snapfish page to our brand spaking new page on Trying to keep you all on your toes! We switched to Shutterfly since the printouts from Snapfish were not up to par with the ones you can print at Target from Shutterfly. I'll be posting the link to our Shutterfly page soon.

As a special service to you all, I'll even copy over my list of my favorites from 2007, just so you won't wear out your mouse clicking back and forth between the two pages. You can thank me later.

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