Friday, March 7, 2008

I'm a Little Excited About This

As you may remember from my past postings on the previous blog, I usually have a pretty good time and really look forward to Lollapalooza every year, especially since it is exclusive to Chicago. Every year around this time of year, I spend way too much time jumping between their website and and any other website that might possibly offer a hint of who will be playing this year.

Well, the news just came out today that none other than my favorite band will be headlining one night, and another band I love will be headlining another night. Am I little excited for Lollapalooza now, even though it's not happening for almost 5 months? HELL YEAH! Have I already blocked off that weekend for all scheduling for anything else? Most definitely (okay, I actually did that probably around the time they cemented the 2008 dates last year). Am I already saving room in my stomach to have 1 rib sandwich per day? Without question!

So if anyone asks if I am available for anything at all from August 1 through August 3, please do not be terribly offended if I laugh in your face for about 5 minutes.

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