Thursday, March 20, 2008

Quick Cheap CD Update

Time for another update of a couple of cd's that are only $8 a piece this week at Best Buy that are worth picking up:

MGMT - Oracular Spectacular - This is the debut cd by one of the early breakout bands of 2008, and very likely candidates to be performing a can't-miss set at Lollapalooza. MGMT's debut is produced by Dave Fridmann, who has been the producer of the Flaming Lips' many great albums. There are some slight similarities in the bands' sounds, where hints of the Lips' crazy space rock peeks through in MGMT's ambitious debut. You can watch their video for the amazing opening track "Time To Pretend" on Amazon, or just head over to their Myspace page.

Hot Chip - Made in the Dark - Speaking of Lollapalooza, Hot Chip put on a fantastic set on a tiny stage in the burning midday sun at the 2005 Lolla. Their goofy electro-dance rock fit perfectly on a gorgeous sunny weekend afternoon, just as well as it would fit late night in a dance club somewhere else. It's all the more amusing that their great dance tracks are made by 5 pale white English guys who look like they were rejected from Shaun of the Dead for looking too British. Their newest, Made In the Dark, isn't their best, but it still has some great songs. The first half of the album is solid, featuring the first single "Ready for the Floor," but the second half of the album slopes off at a much slower pace. Still worth $8 though.

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