Monday, May 12, 2008

Plenty of Good News Around

Here are more pictures from Bella's past weekend, including more of Bella helping to decorate the Happy Mother's Day cookie for her mommy, a couple of photos from Bella's trip to see the Sesame Street musical, and Bella's amazing finger painting techniques.

I forgot that I haven't posted yet to say a big WELCOME HOME to Michele's brother Mark, who just came back from Iraq last week, we are thrilled that he is back home and safe. Bella and Michele are heading out to Baltimore next weekend to see Uncle Mark and his family (including Bella's buddy, her cousin Carolina, and her new younger buddy, cousin Augie). Unfortunately I have to miss out on the festivities, since my final for my class is that following Monday and I do need to study for it. Dammit.

Another highlight from our weekend: we asked Bella, "who is your favorite singer?," and she said "Mommy!" So we were later watching a live Radiohead performance, and I asked Bella who her favorite drummer is, and she said "Daddy!" Guess all that Rock Band playing has paid off....

(Oh, and the photo from the Sesame Street show took place just before they lobbed those live powder kegs into the crowd. Now that livened up the show)

Just found out about the last piece of great news for the moment. As you all are pretty aware, I was already pretty psyched about Lollapalooza this year from the stellar lineup they're already announced. About 2 hours ago, they just announced the lineup for the kid's stage, and it features none other than Bella's favorite band in the world, THE TERRIBLE TWOS!!! Yes! So now, not only is my favorite band there (Radiohead), but also Michele's favorite band (Butch Walker), and now Bella's favorite band. Count on Bella and Mommy to make an appearance there this year, they will soon learn of the magic of the Mystery Meat Rib Sandwich.

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