Tuesday, May 20, 2008

See Bella. See Bella Rock. ROCK BELLA ROCK!

I had to copy these two photos over from my sister-in-law's blog, they easilly rank up there as two of my favorite photos of Bella.

Michele and Bella came back from a quick trip to visit her brother Mark and his family (and a good chunk of the Cooney family) out in Baltimore. We'll be posting plenty of our photos in the next couple of days, but needless to say, Bella had a great time out there playing with her cousin Carolina and seeing the rest of the family.

The good news for me is that I'm finished with another class, and I definitely got an A, so that is good news for me (especially since work is footing the bill!). Onto two more classes this summer, good times.

We actually have no plans for Memorial day weekend, no idea how the heck that happened since every other weekend is booked. We'll most likely be spending it finishing up Bella's Big Girl Room, and will hopefully be moving her over to it then.

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