Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Pumpkins... Return?!?

What's that? The Smashing Pumpkins are finally playing the first area show in Chicago since they "reunited" (two of them that were already in another band anyways) and released an album last year?? Sweet!

Hmm?? What's that you say, the show isn't IN Chicago at all? Oh, no problem, there are plenty of places in the burbs they could play that would be excellent. Did I mention I live only 5 or so miles from one place that would be perfect?

What's that? They're not playing anywhere in the normal established Chicago area venues? Um, alright, well, I'm sure they'll come up with something creative instead, right?

Oh, I see, they're playing in Hammond, Indiana huh? Hmm. Well then. Their return to "Chicago" doesn't even happen in the state of Illinois huh? And they're playing at a casino huh?
Thanks guys.

UPDATE: The tickets for the show are on sale this weekend, $83 a pop. Ouch. They will be returning officially to Chicago in November though. I'm assuming that means they'll be playing in Peoria or possibly the Quad Cities.