Monday, July 7, 2008

Recovering from our Fourth of July Weekend

I know this will come as a major major shock to all of you, but we have plenty of photos from our adventures this past weekend! Well, at least you know have two website to see them on, so you won't be forced to scroll through a couple dozen only on my page. The Mrs. is fighting off the cold/allergy sickness thing Bella has happily shared with her, so she hasn't been able to post any photos yet. Patience my friends.

We started off our weekend at the parade which happened only two blocks from our house. Can't have too much of an excuse to avoid that when it's that close. Bella got to break out her brand new tricycle to it, so she was a pretty happy girl. She made off like a major bandit too with all the candy that the people in the parade gave to her. Okay, so it's really her mommy and daddy that made off like bandits, but we won't complain.

Later that day, we went to the Hoffman Estates 4th of July festival (again, a few blocks away, can't complain) and took Bella for another visit to the petting zoo. She got a bit more brave this time, she fed a couple of sheep, but was a little shy of the goofy looking llama that was back again this year. Turned out to be a good time anyways.

We wrapped up the 4th at the same place for a good fireworks show. Since Bella's been normally staying up to that time, it wasn't a huge stretch for her. She really liked it this year, since we prepared her for how loud the fireworks would be, and we told her they looked like twinkle stars. She would keep pointing to the ones she liked and said "I like that one," then at one random point, she actually said "I love it!"

So a pretty good weekend all around Got plenty done around the house, slept til 8:30 each morning, and most importantly, didn't think about work for a millisecond. Good times.


Sistagirlmibelly said...

The mrs has posted some on shutterfly before she took heaping doses of benedryl and layed down with bella.... so I accomplished something last night... :)

Sistagirlmibelly said...

Also, i think that was a new llama this year, remember last years with its screwy buck teeth?? this one had a better dentist!