Thursday, July 31, 2008

Scott's Favorite Weekend of the Year...

... begins in only a matter of hours now. It's been an insanely busy week as always up to this point, finished up one of my classes last night with another good grade, and wrapping up class number two tonight, no worries there. Then, one of my most massive concert weekends EVER begins!

The festivities begin tonight at 10 pm, when I'll be going to a new place called Angels & Kings in the Gold Coast area. This is apparently a newer bar co-owned by Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy, so we'll see how many celebs and other cooler than me people show up tonight to see Chalky Jesus.

Huh?? Chalky Jesus you say? Well, he's only the best Butch Walker cover band in the world! Okay, not exactly, it's Butch Walker playing a secret warm-up show for his set at Lollapalooza the next day. See Butch in a small venue is always a fantastic thing, but I'm more excited about this show because my friend Chatchi has promised that he will fart on Pete Wentz's head if he sees him there. Cross your fingers!

Then, they Lollapalooza weekend officially begins. Michele, Bella and I will be in attendance all day on Friday, we're hopefully getting there at noon and will be enjoying a full day of music and rib sandwiches until Radiohead plays their last notes at 10 pm. Here's the list of bands we plan on seeing Friday, of course I'll have a full report up early next week: Holy F-ck, Butch Walker, The Terrible Twos (new album in stores now!), Jeff Tweedy, Rogue Wave, the Kills, Gogol Bordello, Mates of State, Grizzly Bear, Bloc Party, Steven Malkmus & the Jicks, CSS, and finally Radiohead.

After some rest at home, I'll be heading back downtown for day two of Lolla. Saturday's lineup for me will be: De Novo Dahl, The Ting Tings, Dr. Dog, The Gutter Twins, MGMT, Brand New, Okkervil River, Broken Social Scene, and Wilco (and if the rumor proves correct, will get to see and hear our next president, Barack Obama, at the Wilco set). As if 10 hours of the rock isn't enough for me, I'll be heading over to the Double Door after that, and seeing Battles and Foals, since both bands are playing against other bands I'm dying to see at Lolla. So at about 1 am or so, I'll hop on the train and head home for some much needed rest.

Sunday will be a slower day, with Office early in the day (might skip them for a few extra hours of precious sleep), followed by the Whigs, then a long break til Iron & Wine, then possibly Saul Williams, and then must-see sets by Girl Talk, The National and finally Nine Inch Nails.

I'll have lots of photos, stories and reviews up Monday, since I'll be taking the day off of work to recover from my weekend of rock at home. Cross your fingers for me that the weather will actually cooperate this weekend.

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