Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Big Girl Room

The big event for us after our return from Florida was the delivery of the furniture for Bella's Big Girl Room. It was pretty funny when we picked it out, we knew what we were looking for, and we took Bella to a store to see if she would like it. As soon as we got near the set we were thinking of in the store, Bella jumped up on the bed and pretended like she was a sleep. So we figured that was a pretty good sign that she was going to like it.

So the furniture was delivered a couple of days after we got back as planned. I went and picked up Bella at daycare that day for once and brought her home. By the time we get to her new room, Bella ran in there and said "MINE!" So again, we think she likes it.

The good news is that Bella has slept through the night on it every night without waking up, which is fantastic. The bad news is that it's taking much longer for her to fall asleep every night, we're now well past 9:00 every night. Yay.

Our other crazy Bella news of the moment has to do with her baths. From January through March, somehow Bella developed a complete and total fear of taking baths. We're talking screaming like she was about to get a shot just for being near the bathtub. So those were three really fun months for us as you can guess. In April and May, she finally started calming down and was fine with standing in the bathtub if we held her hand the whole time. Obviously that got old as well, but it was a step in the right direction.

We don't know what happened, but shortly after we got back from our trip, Bella has suddenly become OBSESSED with the bath tub... As soon as she comes home with Michele, the first thing she asks is "bathtub?" She's back to sitting in there for at least a half hour each night now, playing with her toys, splashing and blowing bubbles and everything. We have no idea what changed, but that has definitely made life easier. Now if only we could get her to go to sleep before 9 PM again.

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