Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Today is the Day!

Yes, today is the day that has annually become one of my favorite days of the entire year. Today is the day that they finally released the schedule for Lollapalooza 2008.

As I've said before, I usualy spend this day poring over the schedule the way most people do over their NCAA basketball tournament brackets. I spent a solid hour this morning looking over every detail of the schedule and making sure I didn't miss anything, as well as plotting my route throughout much of the weekend.

Okay, it ended up being more like 3 hours by the time I moved on to something else. And yes, that was all while I was at work.

So you can view my schedule online, you can click to see it here. By my count, there are about 28 bands I'm going to make an effort to see, I paid $170 for my ticket, so that's a little about $6 per band for the weekend. Not too shabby, especially with two of my favorite bands, Radiohead and Wilco.

It's official, Michele and Bella will be making their Lollapalooza debuts on Friday, Aug. 1st as well, since each of our three favorite bands (Butch Walker, Terrible Twos and Radiohead) will all be playing that day. Bella's going to have to work on her arm strength for all of the air drumming that she'll be doing that day, so we're going to be busy over the next few weeks.

Overall, I'm pretty happy about the schedule, with a few exceptions. Friday is a solid day, no major conflicts, there are pretty much 11 bands I'm going to try to see, and we'll be able to have a decent place saved to watch Radiohead. I'm much less happy about Saturday, the first half of the day is okay, but then there are two bad conflicts that I have to choose between, one is Broken Social Scene (one of the highlights of Lolla 2006 for me) and Battles (the highlight of Pitchfork 2007), and then Wilco against Rage Against the Machine at the end of the night.

Sunday is a much slower day, with many wide open breaks to give me the chance to fill my stomach with those delectable rib shaped mystery meat rib sandwiches. The day is pretty wide open til 6:15, then a bunch of bands are crammed in all at once. I have to miss Kanye West this year, since he's against Nine Inch Nails. Oh well.

Only another month and a half to get through now til it all begins...

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