Sunday, June 29, 2008

Welcome to the Blog-erhood to My Wife

Yes, Michele has decided to make the leap over to blogspot to post her deep thoughts and plenty more pictures of Isabella and us. Check out her new page here.

Still haven't updated from the last weekend. After a visit from my Grandpa and Grandma last Saturday, we headed downtown to meet up with our friends Brian and Lynn to walk around and let Bella see the downtown area again. After a good long walk around, we sat down for dinner at a pub in the Loop. They must be a tiny bit unaccustomed to having kids eat at their restaurant, as you can see from the Guinness cup used for Bella's milk.

They then had a Luau party day at Bella's day care, I'll leave it to Michele to tell the story of that more, but I can at least share some photos from that.

Thankfully it's only a 4 day workweek ahead for us, but it's also a 4 day school week for me, so that is the bad news for me. At least I'm halfway through with this semester, that is the good news.

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Sistagirlmibelly said...

Thanks for the welcome, this is SOOOO Much easier to use than yahoo. yahoo, you blow.