Friday, June 13, 2008

Daddy's Day (Weekend anyways)

Ahhhhh yes, it's almost here, the best weekend of the year, Father's Day weekend, where I can be a lazy bum and have a legitimate excuse for it for once.

We've got your textbook Father's Day weekend planned though. Since we missed them on their last show in Chicago (we were still on an airplane somewhere over Kentucky or so), we're driving down to Indianapolis to see one of my favorites, and one of Bella's new favorites, Death Cab For Cutie. The best part about it is that it's at an outdoor venue in Indy very similar to Ravinia here in Chicago, so we are able to take Bella with us. We've been having her listen to a couple of their cd's in the last few weeks, and she definitely likes them, and she's even started her version of singing along (okay, closer to humming) to some of their songs from their previous cd, Plans.

The funniest part is asking Bella to say their name, it comes out sounding something like "eth ab or Cutie." Sadly her DCFC onesie doesn't fit anymore, oh well.

We'll be staying in Indy overnight, and Sunday morning we're going to go and check out their zoo and let Bella get alot of walking in before the drive home. We're crossing our fingers that they'll have some seals there, so Bella can say "Pinky!" about 20 times once again.

Okay, so I guess it's not your typical Father's Day weekend. Sounds like a pretty great one to me anyways!

We'll post photos upon our return. I'll try to post a video of Bella and one of her magnificent drum performances also before we go.

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