Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Our Sick Girl

We had loads and loads of fun this weekend... Unfortunately, Bella caught some flu or cold type bug on Thursday, and has been a pretty miserable little girl since then. She had a pretty bad fever Saturday and Sunday, so we also unfortunately had to miss out on the Terrible Twos show on Saturday.

We probably may not have gone to the show anyways, we somehow ended up getting a major downpour for pretty much a day and a half around our area. I've heard we got somewhere around 6 inches of rain during the storm system, so my lawn is finally much happier than it has been. We obviously didn't have it as bad as Texas did, but we definitely had some closed roads and soaked basements around us this weekend, so I guess Bella picked a good time to be a sick girl.

Bella and Mommy are still at home trying to get all better so she can go back to school and see all of her buddies (and yes, her boyfriends) again. The funniest part of this whole experience pretty much shocked us though. We've had to pump Bella with ibuprofin and tylenol around the clock to get her temp down, but somehow by Sunday, when we would try to give her more medicine, she would say "Mommy I'm fine!" We have no idea where that came from. She even said that today when Michele called into daycare to tell them she wouldn't be there again.

That kid is too damn smart...

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